by Lisa Marie Glover

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An small collection of songs recorded in a small Leeds apartment with the added live track recorded at Left Bank in Leeds.


released September 11, 2015

Lisa Marie Glover: Vocals, Backing Vocals & Acoustic Guitar on all tracks. Saxophones on 2. Ukulele & Mbira on 4.

Sam Widdop: Electric Guitar on 2 & 4. Bass on 1, 2, 3, & 4. Scratchy banjo noise on 3. Acoustic Guitar on 1 & 5. Low down and dirty backing vocal on 1.

Tom Armstrong: Drums and Percussion on tracks 1, 2 & 4.

Paul Crompton: Harmonica on 1.

All songs written by Lisa Marie Glover.
Recorded mixed and mastered by Pic Productions.
Many thanks to Left Bank in Leeds for the lovely live recording space for track 5.
Photography by James Brenkley.
(C) & (P) Lisa Marie Glover 2015 - All rights reserved



all rights reserved


Lisa Marie Glover Leeds, UK

'Old, New & Out of the Blue' is a collection of songs recorded in a cellar in a small town in Yorkshire. Cut glass vocals and meandering guitar will take you on a dark and playful journey.

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Track Name: Tornadoes
Just another wreckless fool
Carried over by a breeze
Old leaves swirl around
Spiraling up from the ground
To the sound of a guitar
Sometimes I see them in my dreams
Tornadoes ripping up the trees and houses

I've been waiting for so long to see you
Here I am seeing it for real before my eyes
Then the morning comes and slaps you in the face

The waiting
I wonder what I'm waiting for
A dream appears
And then the dream just lets you down
It isn't easy
Following the thing you love
But the alternative
Comes in the morning and it slaps you in the face

Just another restless soul
Never settles for too long
The days merge into one
House numbers come and go
Another room, another bed
Another place to fill my head
Another bloody singer songwriter
Another bloody tortured soul
Go out and get a real job
Go out and get a real job
Go out and get a real job
Track Name: Honey
Honey you're insane
Hiding in the roof
Drowning your sorrows
And mixing fantasy with truth
No one seems to know
Just how bad things are
Everyone you know
Has got it in for you
Or so you believe

Honey you're insane
Spitting on the floor
Hard cold eyes
Sending shivers down my spine
Dare I even breathe
When you're lurking at my door
Dare I go to sleep

Drinking alone in your rocking chair
Secrets and demons and quiet despair
This way of living is so unappealing
Trying to die in the shed and failing
Honey, oh honey

Honey you're insane
Troubled to the core
The doctor can't do anything
The doctor doesn't care
And so it goes on and on
Honey, oh honey
Track Name: Does She Know?
Does she know how it feels to be left on a street in the dark?
Does she know?
Does she know how it feels to have a door slammed in her face?
Does she know?
Does you buy her guitars?
Do you fight on the motorway in your car does she know?

Does she know? (x3)

Is it easy to sleep knowing the company that you keep?
Does she know?
Does she cry herself dry, sit around wondering if you're alive?
Does it show?
Has she walked for ten miles, driven by a creature dark and vile?
Does it show?

Does it show? (x2)
Does she know?

Does she fit in your life?
Does she sit herself neatly by your side?
Do you hold her at night?
Do you want to tear her open and crawl inside?

Does she know?

Does she know how it feels?
Track Name: I Woke Up
I woke up with you on my mind
Because I saw you in a dream last night
Crying so hard and losing my mind
Your ghost never leaves

A little piece of me is always going to miss you
I miss your pale green eyes and the way you felt inside me
A little piece of me is always going to miss you
But I don't miss the anger and I don't miss the pain
I don't miss the jealousy I don't miss the games

I don't miss your drinking and I don't miss your arrogance

I woke up with you on my mind and the question that I asked on the
29th of February, four years ago
I remember when you asked me why I love you, but I still don't know

A little piece of me is always going to miss you
Was I ever even there?
Did it ever even happen?
Were you ever even there?

I was there and I was crying
There's a girl and she is yours now
I shouldn't be here in the place that brought me down
Track Name: Shoe (Live)
Wild and free
He never went above the knee
She lay sprawled accross the sofa as he kissed her feet
She feeds him sugar now and then
It stops him from dying

He'd turn up at the house
The one that fell apart
Distract her from her shattered mind and her breaking heart
The twisted therapist

He plays her music all night long
He sings her songs of pain
Memories of another who took his babies away

He called her from the ward
She was the one that came to mind
When all the lights were out and all the pain was running wild

When she says she loves his songs, it's 'cause she loves his songs
When she says she really cares, it's 'cause she means it
She feeds him sugar now and then, but these things are just truth